Fairleas Star Date

Smart Steady Date x Fairlea Swiss Miss by Mister Dual Pep
LTE $17,189.78

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October 2019
Congratulations to Savanna Morgan and Fairleas Star Date for qualifying for The American Semi Finals at the Ardmore Futurity American Qualifier! The team shut off the clock in Hardy Murphy Coliseum at 14.851 finishing 8th in the Qualifier and punching their ticket to the Semi Finals!

December 2017
Fairleas Star Date ! I’m So Beyond exited about this young horse !! I’ve only clocked her 3 times and time onlys a handful of times and she just wants to please we went by are 1st a bit but got to have something to take home and work on … super excited about this horses future!!!!1 out of the money in the 2D