Silver Gun performance record

Silver Gun – AQHA World Champion

Playgun x Miss Freckles Reed
liftetime earnings : $30,000+
offspring earnings: $323,392.01

Performance Record:
AQHA Performance Register of Merit:
• Working Cow Horse, Heading, Heeling & Reining
100+ AQHA Points:
• Heeling, Heading, Working Cow Horse & Reining
• Reserve Champion Superhorse
• Champion, Sr. Heeling
• Top Ten Finalist, Sr. Heading (7th)
• Champion, Heeling
• Champion, Working Cow Horse
• Reserve Champion, Heeding
• Certificate of Ability
• Superior Reined Cow Horse Award
• National Open Hackamore Top Five
• Hackamore Classic Intermediate Open Champion
• Hackamore Classic Open Reserve Champion
• Open Hackamore Classic, 5th/6th
• Southwest Region Open Hackamore Top Ten
• Spring Classic Open Hackamore Champion
• California Mid State Fair Open Hackamore Champion
• SCRCHA Open Hackamore Circuit Champion
• Ventura County Fair Open Hackamore Champion