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Fairlea Ranch Sale horses

Fairlea Ranch offers Performance Bred American Quarter Horses for sale. These horses are bred out of the Fairlea Ranch – Badger . Our horses thrive on the rugged terrain, that creates colts that are quick on their feet, level headed and are excellent sources for your next ranch horse, cutting horse, roping horse or barrel horse.

Fairleas Bellamour

2019 AQHA bay filly
First Down French x Fairlea Bellarose x Silver Gun
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Fairlea Steady Pic

2019 AQHA sorrel filly
Smart Steady Date X Fairlea Sugar Macoo x Colonel Pic
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Fairleas Miss Silver

2019 AQHA sorrel mare
Silver Gun x Fairlea Swiss Miss x Mister Dual Pep
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Fairlea Rockin

2018 AQHA sorrel filly
That CD Rocks x Fairlea Daro Lena x Smart Steady Date

“Bitty” is quick, smart, and beautiful- this little filly is truly the star of the show. With the natural finesse and intelligence she has shown thus far, we really expect her to be something great. Quick on her toes, with a large hip and great shoulder, she oozes athleticism and confidence. She was bred to perform and it couldn’t be more obvious. Sharp, business minded, eager to learn, and attractive to boot- she really in the whole package. Take this filly to the show pen and you’re highly unlikely to be disappointed.

Fairlea Evander Star

2018 AQHA bay filly
Smart Steady Date x Fairlea Bellarose x Silver Gun

We’ve been so impressed with the foals Fairlea Bellarose has given us, and were glad to say that this one is no exception! “Stars” is a BIG, stocky, gorgeous young mare with so much potential. She’s the first to greet you at the gate, always interested in what you’re doing, and really enjoys work. Rope, sort, cut, run- take your pick.  With her extremely willing disposition and build, there really isn’t much you couldn’t do with her. Her huge hip and shoulder, along with her striking bay coat really draw the eye and demand attention. This filly was born to be noticed.