Fairlea Steady Gun

Silver Gun x Fairlea Daro Lena x Smart Steady Date
Fairlea Steady Gun barn name “Gus” is fast, strong, and quick footed.

Always in the 1D in small pens, Big pens 1D/2D When his mind is calm and in the game he has ran 17.2s on a standard. He comes running from the gate so side gates are a little challenging. We have ranched and branded on him you only need 1 horse with Gus around he will last all day and then some. He locks onto cattle and makes sorting fun.

Fairlea Steady Gun

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Cheyenne Hattesen and Fairlea Steady Gun aka Gus!! Gus’ first time EVER entered in a barrel race and they WON the open 3D at Pants On Fire II today! What a ROCKIN way to start his new career with a SADDLE and $1000!

videos of Fairlea Steady Gun & Cheyenne Hattesen

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